We pride ourselves on maintaining very modest rents which reflect our charitable status. Current rents range from £495.38 to £877.66, depending on the type of flat and covers all service charges (including maintenance, background heating and hot water, and water costs). These rents take into account a returnable investment from you into the Housing and Community Association’s 'Loan Stock'' for which you will receive interest, currently 2% pa.

The amount of 'Loan Stock' investment is dependent on the type of flat you are looking to rent. The maximum amount is £5,000 for a Studio, £7,500 for a one-bedroom flat and £10,000 for a conversion. In cases of financial hardship, we do give consideration to adjusting this Loan Stock amount. However, any shortfall in the maximum amounts required will mean that the monthly rent payable is increased.

We carry our credit checks before offering tenancy agreements.

We review our rents on 1 May. Our current 2019 monthly rents (including service charge and water) are:

• Studio Flat - £485.60 per month
• One-Bedroom Flats - £714.36 per month

We have a number of larger one-bedroom flats available on occasions that range from £858.59. These are subject to application and availability and requires a contribution of £10,000 refundable 'Loan Stock'.

A concessionary television licence, if you meet the requirements, is available at an annual fee of £7.50.

If you have any queries regarding our rents or Loan Stock, please contact us on 0208 524 0318 or email 0208 524 0318 or email info@housingca.org.uk If you would like to apply to become part of the Enterprise House family, and you are retired and of state pension age, and capable of independent living download an Application Form.

Assistance is available to help claim Council Tax and Housing Benefit.


If you would like to apply for accommodation in Enterprise House, and if you are of state retirement age you can download our application form here or why not contact us.